The challenges of developing a smartwatch – Part 4

From prototypes to manufacturing

By Stephen Fellner, Lune Smartwatch Inventor & Founder

The Lune Smartwatch started as a proof-of-concept, to see if we could create a watch that has the best of both worlds – comfortable form factor and long battery life, but packed with the many features we expect to see in a smartwatch.

We asked people what they wanted in a smartwatch, and we quickly learnt that they wanted even more features than our first proof-of-concept, but were not prepared to compromise on battery life.

We worked through the first half of 2016 to reach this goal. We wanted to provide a full-featured smartwatch, with a long battery life, comparable to traditional watches. We did not want to settle for anything less, so it required innovative and in some cases unusual solutions. It was also important for us to retain as much of the development process in New Zealand. As a result, all design and development has been kept in NZ (mechanical, hardware, software, prototyping and testing). Some parts needed to be sourced from Asia to allow the Lune Smartwatch to be competitive.

We are now busy testing our prototypes and fine-tuning our design, to ensure that we deliver a top quality product. We are working through the manufacturing process with our manufacturing partners and hope to start manufacturing watches later this year!

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