The challenges of developing a smartwatch – Part 2

Design and Functionality

By Stephen Fellner, Lune Smartwatch Inventor & Founder

Creating a smartwatch is a unique engineering challenge, and creating a GOOD smartwatch is even more demanding. It is by far the most challenging project I have ever been involved in. There are so many factors that work against you.

UnderTheMicroscopeSYou want to have long battery life, but using a large battery creates a bulky and uncomfortable device that nobody will want to wear. It has to be smart, packed with useful functions, which again require more space, and more power, and again you’re not allowed to make them bigger. There is no compromise. You have to figure out how to squeeze all those functions into a tiny and compact device that is comfortable to wear. You’re dealing with components so tiny that your microscope becomes your best friend, and the thickness of the human hair seems huge in comparison.

We also had to take a different approach to software development and this has been instrumental in making the battery last longer. Our OS and software is far more power-efficient than what runs on today’s smartphones, and this allows us to use a less powerful and lower power processor, while still achieving a responsive, lag-free user interface.

I have worked on wearable designs for the last 7 years, but with the Lune Smartwatch we are doing things I never would have thought possible.


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