The challenges of developing a smartwatch – Part 1

Inventing an industry game changer

By Stephen Fellner, Lune Smartwatch Inventor & Founder

A couple of years ago I set out to develop a smartwatch like no other, because I was unimpressed with what was available. I found that smartwatches were just too large and bulky, and that the frequent charging was a major hassle and unacceptable for a watch. Of course, that’s because it is incredibly difficult to make them compact while making them run long enough. Very few people believed that I could extend the battery life, while keeping it thin, light and comfortable. If Apple could not do it, how could I? When I started showing working prototypes, they still couldn’t believe it.

Designing wearable devices is a challenging job. They must be small, light and comfortable, while also being durable and reliable. Battery life is always a major concern, and increasingly, style and watch design are becoming important too.


This four part blog series will cover Lune Digital’s approach to developing a smartwatch. I hope to inspire electronic engineers and entrepreneurs across the world, that the unthinkable can be possible. Just because larger organisations aren’t solving a problem, that doesn’t mean it’s unsolvable. It’s time we nurtured creative ideas and supported each other to dream big.

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