Battle of the smartwatch vs smartphone

We don’t think smartwatches will replace smartphones – we love the large screens modern smartphones offer, allowing us to get things done which previously required a computer.

In the same way, smartphones don’t replace your computer as there are still things better done with a nice large monitor with a good keyboard. Where smartphones are more practical than computers for many things, smartwatches are more practical than smartphones for a number of daily situations.

The Lune Smartwatch: giving you the freedom to go anywhere, for longer

The problem is that most smartwatches are uncomfortably large and bulky, and they drain their battery quickly. This makes their downsides outweigh their usefulness. The Lune Smartwatch team have put an incredible amount of work into solving the battery life problem and have delivered a world first – up to 6 months battery life. Importantly, the smart functionality has not been compromised in the design process.

Practical and reliable – all you ever wanted in a smartwatch!


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