The Lune Story

Lune Digital is a startup company established in 2014 by New Zealand inventor, and founder Stephen Fellner. Stephen has created a world first in the wearables industry – a smartwatch with up to 6 months battery life.

Originally from Hungary, Stephen moved to New Zealand with his family when he was 15. Stephen has had an interest in technology since he was a child. From writing computer programs aged 9, to blowing the mains fuse aged 10 while experimenting with electromagnets. It was no surprise to his family then, when he graduated from Auckland University of Technology in 2001 as an Electronics Engineer, specialising in digital electronics design. He gained significant electronics experience in Europe, working at Siemens for 8 years before returning to New Zealand in 2009, where he worked for Zephyr Technology, an innovative New Zealand tech company developing cutting-edge vital signs monitoring and wearable technology. He has worked on products such as the Zephyr HxM Smart Wireless Heart Rate Monitor and is still actively involved in projects at medical giant Medtronic, developing wireless medical devices for hospitals.


Stephen’s specialist skills in wearable and low power wireless technology have allowed him to achieve a breakthrough in smartwatch design – the holy grail of smartwatch technology. The Lune Smartwatch offers wearers up to 6 months battery life, with continuous display and connection to their smartphone. Other smartwatches, like their smartphone cousins, are known for their incredibly short battery life of only a few days – a key reason that has prevented wider adoption of smartwatches.

The Lune Smartwatch team has developed working prototypes, and is planning the first production run. Their fans will be the first to know when pre-orders are available, planned for later this year. Efforts have been made to keep the Lune Smartwatch as NZ-made as possible. It is designed and developed in NZ and will be assembled in NZ, but some hardware is sourced from Asian manufacturers in order for the Lune Smartwatch to remain competitive.

Creating a world leading Smartwatch, from Stephen’s home office, in a country at the bottom of the world, has had it’s challenges over the last few years. But the upcoming launch of the Lune Smartwatch is about to make that all worthwhile! Plans are afoot to set up offices in Auckland to house Lune’s growing team, and pursue international retail partners.

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