Do I Need a Smartwatch?

Smartwatches are a fun accessory, but many of us are still trying to figure out if we need them at all. The most important function of a smartwatch is its ability to connect to your smartphone and allow you to interact with your digital life.

meetingStephen Fellner, Lune Smartwatch Inventor & Founder, comments “you can see who’s calling, texting and tweeting, right on your wrist. A smartwatch can integrate with your digital calendar, and ensure you never miss a task, appointment or any other significant event.”

But you already have that with your smartphone, right? A smartwatch is useful in situations when we can’t, or shouldn’t be using our smartphone – driving, cycling, exercising, having a meeting or family dinner. Basically any daily activity that keeps our hands (and minds!) busy. With a smartwatch, you can keep an eye on your digital life, simply by glancing at your wrist. You’re free to continue to do whatever it is you enjoy doing, or need to do.

For fitness junkies, a smartwatch can be used instead of a dedicated fitness watch, so you only ever need one thing on your wrist. Get live feedback on your workout, and keep on top of emails!

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